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  • Try generating corpus from monolingual SL corpus:
    • Оваа лабавост на регулативите се одразува врз третманот на уапсените корисници на дрога.
      • Run through lexical transfer -biltrans
      • Run through apertium-lex-tools/scripts/
      • Run through apertium-lex-learner/irstlm-ranker
    • This will give:
      • SL:TL selection possibilities
      • probabilities from the TL language model for each selection
    • Select a subset for training where one translation has a substantially higher proportion of the probability mass than the rest.
    • Look at finding out how to work out what "substantially" should be.
  • Improve current method:
    • Split test corpus in two (dev, test)
    • Rerun the experiments and check with test corpus
    • Look at dev corpus to see what kind of patterns there are in lines that aren't getting matched