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=== Determiner Noun ===
=== Determiner Noun ===
<table class="wikitable" style="tab-size: 3;">
<table class="wikitable" style="tab-size: 3;">
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Input text

  • "I did not see the houses."

Output of tagger


Determiner Noun

	<rule comment="REGLA: det noun">
			<pattern-item n="definites"/>
			<pattern-item n="noun"/>
				<chunk name="n" case="caseFirstWord">
						<tag><lit-tag v="SN"/></tag>
						<tag><lit-tag v="def"/></tag>
						<tag><clip pos="2" side="tl" part="a_num"/></tag>
						<tag><lit-tag v="CD"/></tag>
						<clip pos="2" side="tl" part="lem"/>
						<clip pos="2" side="tl" part="pos"/>
						<clip pos="2" side="tl" part="a_num"/>
						<lit-tag v="4"/><!-- case -->
relevant categories:
relevant attributes:
	<def-attr n="a_num">
		<attr-item tags="sg"/>
		<attr-item tags="pl"/>
		<attr-item tags="ND"/>
pattern matches:I did not see the houses.