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Current status



CG, lrx

To-do list

morphological transducer work

vanilla transducers:

  • Increase apertium-uzb coverage to >90%
    • expand morphology
    • expand lexicon
  • Clean up apertium-tur, bring coverage to >90%
    • fix some phonology
    • clean up some morphotactics
    • bring in line with apertium-kaz/etc.
  • Clean up apertium-kir, bring coverage to >90%
    • improve morphotactics
    • bring in line with apertium-kaz/etc.

hard forms:

  • Keep lists of difficult-to-classify forms and take a shot at them periodically with concordancer

trimmed transducers:

  • bring trimmed coverage to approaching 90% for each transducer

CG and lrx work

especially in need of attention:

  • Apertium-uzb
  • Apertium-kir

Grammar stuff

  • model basic transfer4 grammar for each language (with remapping rules to the other languages)
    • Get Turkish relative "ki" to Kyrgyz relative clauses working
    • Get transfer working for both directions

Plan of attack

  • Get better corpus for Uzbek
  • Run transducers against corpora and add most frequently missing stems and any morphology
  • Keep regression test corpus
  • Run frequent WER tests and tweak grammars/dixes so that the texts consistently have <10% WER
  • Try as much as possible to work on everything in parallel, but have goals defined in series