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Contact Information

Name: Eden-Grace Muamba
Location: Alberta, Canada
University: University of Alberta
IRC: eden__
Timezone: UTC -7

My goal

I’m planning to start the ‘English-Swahili’ language pair.

Why Google and Apertium should sponsor it?

In progress

How and who will benefit from this project

African languages are poorly represented in Apertium.

Coding challenge

1. Installed Apertium tools 2. Bootstrapped a new ‘swa-eng’ pair. I decided not to use the already posted version because it lacked a lot of essential files. 3. Work in progress

Skills and qualifications

Ongoing major: first year science student majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics Relevant technical skills: python(online data mining, inferential statistics, numpy, pandas, matplotlib, tensorflow), c++(proficient), sql(elementary), git(proficient), bash(main OS: Ubuntu), html5/css3(advanced) Work experience: as an intern created static and dynamic websites Languages: French(native), English(native), Lingala(Fluent), Swahili(proficient), Tshiluba(proficient), Twi(elementary)

Non-Summer-of-Code plans

Traveling to Ontario for 5 days from June 29, but that will not affect my work. I’m committed to put it at least 40+ hours a week for the duration of the project.