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My name is Abu Zaher Md. Faridee. I'm a Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

I've participated in Google Summer of Code 2009 and 2010 for Apertium. In 2009 I've worked on English-Bengali Language pair. In 2010 I worked on the "VM for the Transfer Module" idea. In 2011 I became a mentor for "English-Bengali Language pair" idea.

This year, I'm interested in mentoring for the English-Bengali language pair again.


(10:27:04 PM) darthxaher:
(10:27:21 PM) darthxaher: they added some new quotes since I last visited
(10:27:43 PM) darthxaher: "Software is like sex; it's better when it's free. " - lolzz
(10:28:32 PM) spectie: darthxaher, XD
(10:29:20 PM) Leftmost: Especially since you don't have to buy your software dinner.
(10:30:01 PM) darthxaher: sounds like someone have a bad exp :D
(10:30:24 PM) jimregan: nah
(10:30:43 PM) darthxaher: just kidding
(10:30:44 PM) jimregan: if he said something like 'software doesn't expect you to cuddle it after you use it', maybe :)
(10:30:45 PM) Leftmost: No, just commenting.:)
(08:46:51 PM) darthxaher: btw, spectei did I tell you earlier that google hasn't implemented any stemming in its Bengali search 
(08:46:54 PM) darthxaher: what a pity
(08:47:00 PM) spectei: aye :/
(08:47:00 PM) jimregan: nah
(08:47:07 PM) spectei: darthxaher, they could with the analyser ;)
(08:47:26 PM) jimregan: it's the sort of 'coming soon' thing they do
(08:47:34 PM) jimregan: don't you know that everything Google is Beta?