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Contact information[edit]

Name: Aida Sundetova
E-mail address:
Nick on the IRC #apertium channel: Aida27
Username at sourceforge: aida27

Why is it you are interested in machine translation?[edit]

I have started to learn machine translation in 2012 when I joined to a project as a part of my work in Intelligence Information Systems laboratory, which is lead by professor Tukeyev U., in Research Institute of Mechanics and Mathematics, which included developing machine translation from English to Kazakh. Before it I was really interested in artificial intelligence and automation of processes. I continued developing English-Kazakh machine translation on Apertium and tried to know more about Apertium free/open-source machine translation platform. Knowledge of the languages, programming and my target to do translation better helped me to learn XML and improve my working skills.

Why is it that they are interested in the Apertium project?[edit]

At the first, Apertium is free/open-source machine translation platform, which means that developers from other countries like me can join and start to do translations for new language pair. Apertium uses Unix “pipelines” which are very useful for fast diagnosis and debugging, so I can use additional modules between existing modules, like using HFST(Helsinki finite-state transducer) for morphological analysis and generation for Kazakh language.

List your skills and give evidence of your qualifications[edit]

I have developed a English to Kazakh machine translation on Apertium since 2012 and Kazakh to English since 2013. I have great experience in writing and correcting transfer rules, lexical selection and constraint grammar rules, also adding vocabulary in monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. I am a 4-year bachelor student in Kazakh National University(Kazakhstan,Almaty), my major is Information Systems and I will graduate in summer 2014. I know programming languages: C, C++, C#, HTML, XML, and I have basic knowledge of PHP. In addition, I can work with databases and know SQL. My mother language is Kazakh and I also speak English and Russian.