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Tools for users / translators

  • Apertium Simpleton UI is a simple UI for Windows or Mac OS X that lets you easily install and translate text
  • Apertium-tolk - a simple cousin of Apertium-view. Its emphasis is on user friendliness. It shows the output of a translation as you type.
Apertium TinyLex Emulation
Apertium Subtitles: Translation Form
  • Apertium Subtitles is a program which can be used to translate subtitles.
  • Tradubi is a web-based post-editing and dictionary customisation environment for users who wish to customise their MT system.


Tools for developers

  • Apertium-view - a little GUI application that allows you to view and edit the output of every phase in a translation.
  • Apertium-viewer is a version of Apertium-view with more features, it does not require d-bus and is written in Java
The main window of DicsToolsSuite
  • DicsToolsSuite is a Java GUI tool (under development) to make dix editing simple and friendly for non-programmers
Screenshot of dix.el in Aquamacs (fullscreen). Upper left window has output from dix-view-pardef, lower left shows rng schema completion. There is a red underline since a p can't be an empty element, as noted by the message in the minibuffer
  • dix-mode is an extension for Emacs that gives some handy features for dix/XML editing, e.g. goto/view-pardef, cycle restrictions with Ctrl+Tab, keyboard shortcuts to move to the next Interesting element, etc.


Other software

Beyond using Apertium behind a graphic interface, several codebases exist which deliver Apertium as a service. These can be used, for example, to serve webpages within a website. See Apertium services.

Plugins have been developed for other projects. For example, see the IRC clients Plugin for XChat and Plugin for Pidgin.

For more applications of Apertium, browse the category link below.

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