Task ideas for Google Code-in/Grow bilingual

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  1. select a language pair, ideally such that the source language is a language you know (L₂) and the target language a language you use every day (L₁), such that it has rather good monolingual dictionaries in Apertium but no reasonable bilingual dictionary (these language pairs are usually in the incubator), for instance apertium-spa-pol
  2. Install Apertium locally from the Subversion repository; install the language pair; make sure that it works and/or get Apertium VirtualBox and update, check out & compile the language pair.
  3. Using a large enough corpus of representative text in the source language (e.g. plain text taken from Wikipedia, newspapers, literature, etc.) detect the 200 most frequent unknown words (source words which are not in the bilingual dictionaries of the language pair).
  4. add these correspondences to the bilingual dictionary (so that they are not unknown anymore).
  5. Compile and test again
  6. Submit a patch to your mentor (or commit it if you have already gained developer access)