Task ideas for Google Code-in/Getting started

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This page will describe some steps you can take to get involved with the Apertium project in the Google Code-in. First of all, thanks for reading! We're very enthusiastic about getting new contributors to Apertium and to helping spread our passion for language technology.

So, what are the first steps ?

  • Talk to us: This is the most important! Nothing in Apertium is too hard without the right amount of help. And we like helping, so just get in contact. The best way to contact us is on IRC, and the best way to use IRC is with a client like irssi,[1] weechat[2] or hexchat.[3]. A good tip is to hang out on IRC, even if no-one is talking when you enter. People can be in different time zones, and channel activity peaks depending on the time.
  • Install Apertium
  • Find an interesting task