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Create a page on the Apertium wiki (where this page is!) like the pages listed below, but for a language that doesn't currently have a page. It should list as many resources on the language as you can find. It should also list any Apertium resources that already exist for the language.

To create a page on the wiki, you will need to request an account from one of your mentors, providing them with an email address and your preferred username.

What resources to look for[edit]

Try to find the following resources for a language, and keep track of the license:

  • linguistic grammars of the language
  • academic work on the language, including any computational linguistics work already done involving the language
  • bilingual dictionaries of the language and some other language
  • large monolingual corpora of the language
  • parallel corpora of the language and some other language

Where to look[edit]

Scour sites that might present or link to the right sort of resources on the language:

  • Sites with scholarly articles: Google Scholar, jstor, academia.edu, etc.
  • Places that list books: WolrdCat, Amazon, etc.
  • Your favourite search engine
  • The Apertium wiki