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This is the task ideas page for Google Code-in (http://www.google-melange.com/gci/homepage/google/gci2012), here you can find ideas on interesting tasks that will improve your knowledge of Apertium and help you get into the world of open-source development.

The people column lists people who you should get in contact with to request further information. All tasks are 2 hours maximum estimated amount of time that should be spent on the task, however, this does not include time taken to install / set up apertium.

Если ты не понимаешь английский язык или предпочитаешь работать над русским языком или другими языками России, смотри: Task ideas for Google Code-in/Russian


  • code: Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
  • documentation: Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more
  • research: Tasks related to community management, outreach/marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions
  • quality: Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality.
  • interface: Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interaction

Task list

Category Title Description Mentors
code Write lexical selection rules Write 50 lexical selection rules for 10 words. Francis Tyers
code Add entries to transfer lexicon Add 100 entries to a transfer lexicon of your choice. Francis Tyers
code Write transfer rules Write 5 transfer rules for a new language pair. Jimregan
code Dictionary conversion Write a conversion module for an existing dictionary for apertium-dixtools. Jimregan
code Apertium support for morfologik Add support to morfologik for reading Apertium-format dictionaries Jimregan
code Write disambiguation rules for apertium-tur Write 3 disambiguation rules for apertium-tur zfe
research Write a contrastive grammar Using a grammar document 20 sample cases of grammatical differences between two languages Francis Tyers - Zfe
research Disambiguating text You will be given ambiguous sentences in a language. Your job is to pick the correct morphological reading in context Francis Tyers - Zfe
quality Profile apertium-lex-tools Take a large corpus, and run it through apertium-lex-tools to find out how long the program spends in each part of the code. Francis Tyers
interface Design a nice javascript drop-down box Taking as inspiration the Google Translate drop-down box, design a similar drop-down for Apertium. Will require knowledge of JavaScript™ Francis Tyers
interface Dictionary lookup Integrate the Javascript dictionary lookup tool into the translation interface (AWI), to offer alternative translations where available Jimregan
interface Google n-grams visualisation Design an interface to compare possible translations using Google N-Grams Jimregan
quality System quality control Read 500 words of machine translation output and report on translation errors Francis Tyers - Zfe
quality Input correction Write 10 rules for LanguageTool for common errors that affect translation Jimregan
quality Post-correction rules Write 10 rules for LanguageTool to fix Apertium-generated errors Jimregan
quality New release check Compare released language pairs with their SVN version, to see which language pairs need a new release Jimregan
quality Testvoc Help prepare a language pair for a new release by fixing 20 dictionary entries with generation errors Jimregan
documentation Check installation instructions Check that the installation instructions are up to date and work. Report any problems. Francis Tyers - Zfe
documentation Check new language pair howto Read through the new language pair howto and check to see if it works. Francis Tyers - Zfe
documentation Check new language with lttoobox howto Francis Tyers - Zfe
documentation Check new language with HFST howto Francis Tyers - Zfe
interface Design the new webpage of apertium.org Design, using HTML+CSS. The page should validate with the W3C validator. Francis Tyers - Zfe
interface Interface the new website with the webservice Interface the new website with the webservice provided by Apertium. JavaScript knowledge required. Francis Tyers - Zfe
research Categorise words For 100 words find the right inflection paradigm. Francis Tyers - Zfe
research Catalogue resources Catalogue all the available resources (grammatical descriptions, wordlists, dictionaries, spellcheckers, papers, corpora, etc.), along with the licences they are under. Francis Tyers - Zfe
research Make a list of potential language pairs Francis Tyers - Zfe
research Make a 50 sentences long translation memory Make a 50 sentences translation memory using text found on Wikipedia Francis Tyers - Zfe
documentation Document the mecab tag set Francis Tyers
documentation Document the turmorph tag set Document, with the use of samples sentences, the tag set used by turmorph Zfe