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  • Window = whole of what we're looking at; several sentences at the same time.
  • SingleWindow = one sentence (for want of a better term). Usually there's 3 SingleWindow in a Window, but that's runtime defined. Can be anywhere from 1 to hundreds set with --num-windows
  • Cohort = one


Regression test status as of 15:46, 15 April 2008 (BST)

Running tests...
T_AnyMinusSome: Fail.
T_Barrier: Success.
T_BasicAppend: Success.
T_BasicContextTest: Success.
T_BasicDelimit: Success.
T_BasicIff: Success.
T_BasicRemove: Success.
T_BasicSelect: Success.
T_BasicSubstitute: Success.
T_CarefulBarrier: Fail.
T_CompositeSelect: Success.
T_DontMatchEmptySet: Fail.
T_EndlessSelect: Fail.
T_MapAdd_Different: Fail.
T_MatchBaseform: Success.
T_MatchWordform: Success.
T_MultipleSections: Success.
T_NegatedContextTest: Success.
T_RegExp_Map: Fail.
T_RegExp_Select: Fail.
T_RemoveSingleTag: Fail.
T_ScanningTests: Success.
T_Sections: Fail.
T_SetOp_FailFast: Success.
T_SetOp_OR: Success.
T_SuperBlanks: Success.
T_Unification: Fail.
T_UnknownWord: Success.