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<spectei> that hèctor mentioned on list
<Unhammer> ?
<spectei> i guess it's an issue for sme-nob
<Unhammer> oh
<Unhammer> it is
<Unhammer> we've used some variables and such
<Unhammer> for jorgal they actually do h_n when unsure!
<Unhammer> because it happens so often
<begiak> apertium: donissegui * 82503: /languages/apertium-cat/ picotejar
<begiak> apertium: donissegui * 82504: /trunk/apertium-spa-cat/ picotear
<spectei> is that better than just putting the masculine pronoun ?
<Unhammer> lene et al prefer it, and it does quite often go wrong, so I'm meh
<spectei> yeah
<spectei> maybe should use 'hæn' :D
<Unhammer> heheh :)
<spectei> or is that a word
<Unhammer> hen?
<spectei> no 'hæn'
<spectei> doesn't look like a word
<Unhammer> but that's often different connotations
<spectei> although maybe a dialect word?
<Unhammer> nah LGBTQF's sometimes use «hen»
<spectei> hmm, true
<spectei> i think the underscore isn't a great option, but if they like it :D 
<Unhammer> but that also means it's not "neutral" like the swedish "hen" is meant to be, it's often used for explicitly middle-gender/ungender or whatnot
<spectei> i wonder if it could be done with some kind of discourse tracking thing in transfer 
<spectei> kind of like variables, but automatically set 
<Unhammer> we have some things with subjects etc
<Unhammer> but it's really hard to work with
<spectei> yeah
<Unhammer> also I think we did something in CG
<Unhammer> .lex
<spectei> i don't like that, it's a bit hacky
<spectei> but i struggle to think of a way to deal with it that isn't hacky
<spectei> ideally you'd like to just store the LU of the referent that you expect
<spectei> for example, <clip pos="1" side="ref" part="a_gen"/>
<Unhammer> SELECT han IF (0 han) (0 hun) (*1 subj + masc)
<Unhammer> blah
<spectei> would give you the gender of the referent
<spectei> which would be automatically calculated
<Unhammer> automaGically
<begiak> apertium: g-ramirez * 82505: /languages/apertium-spa/ minor fixes
<spectei> hahaha
<Unhammer> ftfy
<spectei> :/
<spectei> i'm trying to think of a language independent way to conceive this 
<spectei> and "apertiumy"
<spectei> e.g.
<Unhammer> what if there are several referents?
<Unhammer> possessor+possessed
<begiak> apertium: g-ramirez * 82506: /languages/apertium-cat/ minor fixes
<begiak> apertium: g-ramirez * 82507: /trunk/apertium-spa-cat/ minor fixes
<Unhammer> "hans" masc possessor, "mi" fem possessed
<spectei> in the input to transfer have ^a<prn>/b<prn>/reflu$
<spectei> in this case you'd only need the possessor
<spectei> because the possessed comes in the chunk
<spectei> e.g. mor mi
<spectei> maybe the way to generalise this is to have a system whereby an extra LU can be added to the end of biltrans with extra informations 
<spectei> ^el seu<det><def>/hans<det><def>/hon<prn><pers><p3><f><sg><nom>$
<spectei> and if you don't have an ambiguity, then biltrans becomes:
<spectei> ^casa<n><f>/hus<n><nt>/$
<Unhammer> den boka er ikkje mi
<Unhammer> den boka eg har her er ikkje mi
<spectei> and this extra LU could be added by some "magic" (statistics) or we could have some kind of rule-based component
<Unhammer> couldn't
<Unhammer> ^casa<n><f>/hus<n><nt>/$
<Unhammer> just be
<Unhammer> ^casa<n><f>/hus<n><nt>$
<spectei> no!
<Unhammer> ?
<spectei> because then you'd have ambiguity between:
<spectei> ^poble<n><m>/folk<n><nt>/by<n><m>$
<spectei> and
<spectei> ^poble<n><m>/folk<n><nt>/by<n><m>/$
<spectei> hmm, actually in the case of 1:1 yes
<spectei> you could just have that
<spectei> but if you had
<spectei> a/b/c
<spectei> then it's ambiguous
<spectei> if the 'c' is a reference-LU or if it's a translation
<Unhammer> oh, hm
<spectei> this would be fairly straightforward to hack into the code i think
<Unhammer> if it happens after lex-sel, then you should always have 1:1 as input to the anares
<spectei> i mean, in terms of transfer
<spectei> Unhammer, no because sometimes the lex-sel won't resolve everything
<spectei> then the transfer takes the first one 
<Unhammer> lrx-proc -1 ?
<Unhammer> :)
<spectei> hah
<spectei> D:
<Unhammer> I mean, it could just remove everything after since transfer takes the first anyway
<spectei> i kind of like the idea of having /$ for empty referent
<Unhammer> ok
<spectei> but what do you think ?
<spectei> changing transfer to allow for that + something like <clip pos="1" side="ref" part="a_gen"/>
<spectei> would be 1-2 days' work
* fotonzade (~memduh@ ha entrat a #apertium
<spectei> and you could do some preliminary experiments using CG
<spectei> "one could" :D