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Sort task

A task for sorting dictionaries is available in the apertium-dixtools package.

Usage: apertium-dixtools sort [-group <symbol list>] [-right] [-ignorecase] <dic.dix> <out.dix>

  -ignorecase ignore case when sorting

  -right  will sort according to value on right side (useful bidixes)

  -group <commaseparated list>  will group symbol categories together. For example:
     -group n,n_symbol,adj,adv,vblex,vblex_symbol 
      will sort all nouns, adj, adv and verbs together. Other entries will be sorted separately

There are also a number of generic options


Simple sorting, piping to less

$ apertium-dixtools sort -alignBidix - | less

Sorting, grouping nouns together, overwriting the original file

$ apertium-dixtools sort -group n,n_symbol -alignBidix apertium-eo-en.en.dix apertium-eo-en.en.dix

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