Slavic languages

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Monolingual dictionaries

name Language ISO 639 formalism state stems coverage location primary authors
-2 -3
apertium-hbs Serbo-Croatian sh hbs lttoolbox production apertium-hbs (languages) Krvoje, Filip, Fran
apertium-slv Slovenian sl slv lttoolbox production apertium-slv (languages) Krvoje, Shraier, Fran
apertium-mak Macedonian mk mak lttoolbox production apertium-mak (languages) Tihomir, Fpetkovski, Krvoje, Fran
apertium-bul Bulgarian bg bul lttoolbox production apertium-bul (languages) Tihomir, Fran
apertium-pol Polish pl pol lttoolbox development apertium-pol (languages) ...
apertium-ces Czech cs ces lttoolbox development apertium-ces (languages) ...
apertium-rus Russian ru rus lttoolbox development apertium-rus (languages) Fran
apertium-ukr Ukrainian uk ukr lttoolbox development apertium-ukr (languages) ...
apertium-bel Belarusian be bel lttoolbox development apertium-bel (languages) ...

Existing language pairs

Text in italic denotes language pairs under development (incubator, nursery). Regular text denotes a functioning language pair in staging, while text in bold denotes a stable well-working language pair in trunk.

bul mak bhs slv ces slk hsb dsb csb szl rue pol rus ukr bel
bul bul-mak bul-rus
mak mak-bul mak-bhs mak-slv
bhs bhs-mak bhs-slv bhs-pol bhs-rus
slv slv-mak slv-bhs slv-ces slv-pol
ces ces-slv ces-slk ces-pol
slk slk-ces slk-pol
hsb hsb-pol
dsb dsb-pol
csb csb-pol
pol pol-bhs pol-slv pol-ces pol-slk pol-hsb pol-dsb pol-csb pol-rus pol-ukr
rus rus-bul rus-bhs rus-pol rus-ukr rus-bel
ukr ukr-pol ukr-rus
bel bel-rus