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Registry of known secondary tag prefixes/namespaces that may only be used for their intended purpose. These must be kept the same across all languages and pairs.

Symbol Gloss Notes
id Numerical ID For alignment and dependency, e.g. <id:5>
sf Surface form For when there is no translation, e.g. <sf:station>
t Inline markup tag In the form of t:tag:uniq, where tag is which inline tag this is (i, em, a, strong, b, etc) and uniq is a placeholder that the deformatter/reformatter can use to look up the whole tag with all attributes. E.g. <t:a:qx4u6>
tr Translatable For marking whether the reading can be translated (i.e. exists in bidix and generator), though currently only the value 0 is respected (meaning no). E.g. <tr:0>
uc Upper case If the input token had any upper-case letters, denotes if the token was First upper, ALL UPPER, or MiXeD UppEr. E.g. <uc:first>, <uc:all>, <uc:mixed>

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