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(Scottish Gaelic)
Family: Celtic
ISO Codes: gd / gla / gla
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General stuff[edit]

From Gramadóir[edit]

The text below is largely reproduced verbatim from information emailed by Kevin Scannell

First, DIREC-multi.txt contains some ga-gd multi-word phrases, but without any markup. It's incomplete, but you might find it useful.

The main thing of interest is the gd lexicon I'm sending. It is in the file focloir.txt. It's tab-separated, with three fields per line. First is the word, ending in an underscore and then its part of speech. The other two fields contain inflection information, either numerical codes or explicit words if there's something irregular about the word.

focloir.txt is processed by the perl script, also attached. It is used as both the user interface for adding new words to focloir.txt and also to export focloir.txt to a part-of-speech tagged word list suitable for use with gramadoir. Specifically, the lexicon-gd.txt file here:

Lexical categories

See pos-gd.txt in this directory for the list of numerical POS tags.

Tag Equiv. Gloss
1 1 <U> n/a unknown
2 8 <T> det article
3 12 <S> pr preposition
4 16 <P> prn pronoun
5 20 <O> ? "pronomial" ("to me", "from her", etc.)
6 22 <O em="y"> ?.pos emphatic possessive
7 24 <R> adv adverb
8 28 <C> conj conjunction
9 32 <Q> ?.int interrogative
10 36 <I> ij interjection
11 40 <D> ?.pos possessive
12 44 <Y> np proper names and the like
<N> n noun
<A> adj adjective
<V> vblex verb
Term Equiv. Gloss
pl sg, pl, sp plural (yes/no)
gnt nom, gen, dat no = nom, yes = gen, d = dat
gnd f, m, mf gender
t=láith vblex.pres present tense
t=caite vblex.past past tense
t=fáist vblex.fut future tense
t=coinn vblex.cond conditional mood
t=foshuit vblex.pis subjunctive mood
t=ord vblex.imp imperative mood


Traditional counting[edit]

Cardinal numbers with a noun[edit]

1 aon
2 dà
3 trì
4 ceither
5 còig
6 sia
7 seachd
8 ochd
9 naoi
10 deich
11 aon <noun sg> deug
12 dà <noun sg> dheug
13 trì <noun> dheug
14 ceither <noun> dheug
15 còig <noun> dheug
16 sia <noun> dheug
17 seachd <noun> dheug
18 ochd <noun> dheug
19 naoi <noun> dheug
20 fichead <noun sg>

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