Running Moses Under Windows

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  • Download the Windows executable (exe) file from

  • Download the sample model from

  • Rename the executable file moses-cmd.2007-05-29.exe to moses.exe (just for simplicity, not necessary)
  • Put all the files under a certain folder (say c:\translation), You should first extract the archived model. The folder must include the exexutable file (Moses), lm folder, phrase-model folder and moses.ini file, the example file called "in" without any file extension and the empty output file called "out". Copy "lm" folder to the upper level (i.e to your root directory c:\ if you extracted all files to c:\translation)
  • Start DOS command line from Windows start menu (click run and type cmd, then press enter)
  • In DOS command line, get into your example folder using cd (change directory) command (get into c:\translation if you called that way).
  • type moses -f moses.ini < in > out
  • Translation must take 10-20 seconds and you should see the previously empty file named "out" filled with the translated sentence: This is a small house