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Radnik (from Serbo-Croatian for "worker") is a build/compile/svn bot. It sits on #apertium, irc.freenode.net.

It is linked with the online test site at xixona. If you do an svn commit, and don't want to wait 12 hours for the next update, hop onto irc and use radnik to do a rebuild.

For example:

<spectie> radnik, rebuild apertium-en-af
-radnik- Building apertium-en-af
-radnik- Your build probably completely successfully.
<spectie> radnik, clean apertium-fr-nl
-radnik- Cleaning apertium-fr-nl
-radnik- Module cleaned
<youssef> radnik: info apertium-fr-nl
-radnik- SVN Information for apertium-fr-nl
-radnik- Ruta: .
-radnik- URL: http://apertium.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/apertium/apertium-fr-nl
-radnik- UUID en el repositorio: 72bbbca6-d526-0410-a7d9-f06f51895060
-radnik- Revisión: 613
-radnik- Tipo de nodo: directorio
-radnik- Agendado: normal
-radnik- Autor del último cambio: youssefsan
-radnik- Revisión del último cambio: 613
-radnik- Fecha de último cambio: 2007-06-10 13:24:43 +0200 (dom, 10 jun 2007)

Radnik also rebuilds on each CIA commit message. Unfortunately CIA can be quite slow, so you may need to wait 10 minutes or so between the commit and the build. Going on irc offers instant gratification.

The bot will only talk to a set of pre-defined users, if you wish to be added, please contact fran (irc: spectre, or spectie).


It would be ideal if it could get a message straight from the svn post commit script, rather than having it go SF svn post-commit -> Email -> CIA -> IRC -> radnik. Unfortunately sourceforge only allows a certain number of pre-defined scripts in their SVN post-commit, so this is a little hack.