Pronoun verb combinations in Romance languages

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There is a problem with translations of impersonal constructions in Spanish and Catalan, which are ambiguous between impersonal, complemento directo and reflexive.

  • se come → on mange
  • se dice → on dit
  • se habla → on parle
  • se lava → se lave
  • se lava ropa → on lave des vêtements
  • se lo dice → il le lui dit
  • se lee un libro → il lit ø un livre

$ echo "Aquí se come bien" | apertium es-fr
Il ici se mange bien

$ echo "Aquí se come bien" | apertium es-en
Here it eats  well

One way of fixing this would be to look at a parallel corpus and learn which constructions are more frequently translated in one way or another.