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This page shows how to install the standard dependencies of apertium (and related packages) on Mac OS X.

You can run install-release.sh or install-nightly.sh to install the latest compiled version of apertium, lttoolbox, vislcg3 and HFST – that way you don't have to check out, build and install these by hand. You will still need gawk, subversion, autoconf, automake, pkgconfig from MacPorts.

First of all, you need:

Then install the apertium dependencies with Macports like this:

sudo port install autoconf automake expat flex \
gettext gperf help2man libiconv libtool \
libxml2 libxslt m4 ncurses p5-locale-gettext \
pcre perl5 pkgconfig zlib gawk subversion

If you need vislcg3/cg-proc/cg-comp (Constraint Grammar), you should also do:

sudo port install icu cmake boost google-perftools

Once you've installed these packages, continue to Minimal installation from SVN (and skip the parts about lttoolbox/apertium, just install the language pair/language data itself if you ran install-release.sh or install-nightly.sh as mentioned above).

(Note: it is technically possible to install apertium and lttoolbox from Macports, but the version there is very out of date. It is not recommended if you want to do development.)

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