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I propose to overhaul the Bylaws in this manner:

Goals of the changes

  • Prepare for creating a legal entity for Apertium. But that will come later; this overhaul is needed regardless.
  • Rename Developer to Contributor.
  • Rename Committer to Voting Member. Not merely Member, as that would be confused for member of the Github organisation. Anyone can be a Github member, but it has to be a conscious choice to want to be a voting member.
  • Separate the definition of Contributor with commit access and Voting Member. Being a voter should not be tied to having commit rights. This tie made sense with a monorepo, but it really doesn't make sense with split decentralized repos.
  • Empower Contributors to do what they're effectively doing anyway (make releases, grant access), while still keeping PMC oversight for big changes.
  • Recommend a Contributor License Agreement, but at least require that licenses must be clear. I'm tired of resolving licensing issues.
  • Raise inactivity limit to 1 year.
  • Formally ensure we reduce the bus factor and security risks.
  • Change PMC voting system to STV.
  • Formalize tie-breaker mechanics, since it just became relevant.