Online Apertium Workshop 2020

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A two-session online workshop to discuss how information flows from one module to another in the Apertium pipeline.

All Apertium developers welcome!

Google Meet link

Sessions will be moderated by Jonathan N. Washington.

Session #1: Tuesday, June 30, 1400–1600 UTC

(Under construction)

  • 10-minute/10-slide talks followed by 10 minute Q&A.
    • 1400 UTC Welcome and adjustments
    • 1410 UTC "Rule-based machine translation and the Apertium paradigm", Francis Tyers
      • I will present a short overview of rule-based machine translation paradigms and situate Apertium within them.
    • 1425 UTC "Why we want to eliminate trimming and the motivation for secondary information", Tanmai Khanna
      • I will try to give a background about the entire secondary information discussion. This started as a project to eliminate trimming, and secondary information came out of it as a possible solution to that and other problems, such as markup handling. I will present the pros and cons of trimming and why we want to eliminate it, and the possible solutions.
    • 1450 UTC "Reading-bound data as inline secondary tags", Tino Didriksen
      • "Reading-bound data is best transported as inline secondary tags, proven both by practical experience and theoretical complexity."
    • 1515 UTC "Moving all Multiwords to Apertium-separable", Daniel Swanson
      • "I will describe what would be involved in migrating most or all multiwords from monodixes to language-specific -separable rules, including the extent to which it can be automated and how it might impact the other debates surrounding trimming and secondary information. (If this is deemed out-of-scope for this discussion, let me know, though I'm interested in attending regardless.)"
  • 1540 UTC Short open discussion
  • 1555 UTC Closing

Session #2: Thursday, July 2, 1400 UTC–1600 UTC

  • 1400 UTC General discussion
    • Weird Non-Canonical things we do in Catalan-related pairs -> Xavi Ivars (I may be late for the meeting)
  • 1500 UTC Conclusions and proposal to the Apertium Community
  • 1555 UTC Closing

How to connect

We will use Google Meet. Please join with your microphone off when you are admitted.

Please *sign up here* before the workshop.