Online Apertium Workshop 2020

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Online Apertium Workshop 2020

A two-session online workshop to discuss how information flows from one module to another in the Apertium pipeline,

Session #1: Tuesday, June 30, 1400Z–1600Z

(Under construction)

  • 1400 Welcome and adjustments
  • 1410 "Rule-based machine translation and the Apertium paradigm", Francis Tyers
    • I will present a short overview of rule-based machine translation paradigms and situate Apertium within them.
  • 1425 "Why we want to eliminate trimming and the motivation for secondary information", Tanmai Khanna
    • I will try to give a background about the entire secondary information discussion. This started as a project to eliminate trimming, and secondary information came out of it as a possible solution to that and other problems, such as markup handling. I will present the pros and cons of trimming and why we want to eliminate it, and the possible solutions.
  • 1450 "Reading-bound data as inline secondary tags", Tino Didriksen
    • "Reading-bound data is best transported as inline secondary tags, proven both by practical experience and theoretical complexity."
  • 1505 "Moving all Multiwords to Apertium-separable", Daniel Swanson
    • "I will describe what would be involved in migrating most or all multiwords from monodixes to language-specific -separable rules, including the extent to which it can be automated and how it might impact the other debates surrounding trimming and secondary information. (If this is deemed out-of-scope for this discussion, let me know, though I'm interested in attending regardless.)"
  • 1520 Open discussion
  • ???
  • 1555 Closing

Session #2: Thursday, July 2, 1400Z–1600Z

General discussion