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This page holds information about the release schedule for apertium-sme-nob.


sme-nob-specific stuff should be in sme-nob

e.g. langs/sme/tools/mt/apertium/tagsets/apertium.nob.relabel

Periods in abbreviations missing from lemma

Forms "nr" and "nr." get the exact same analysis:

$ echo -e 'nr\nnr.'|apertium -f none -d . sme-nob-morph 

So when translating to Norwegian, we have no idea whether to include the dot or not.

If form "nr." had lemma "nr." this would be simple.

High priority bad translations

What are the high-priority linguistic issues to deal with?

  • DONE: In chunker/t1x, add tags to certain verbs (eg. using def-lists) that can be used in t3x to change/remove case-prepositions (see dev/valence.txt)
    • TODO: fill out with more def-list entries
    • TODO: go through dev/valence.txt and mark off which examples can be handled with noun-lists, and which with verb-lists

TODO: Derivations mess up CG

Mainly a problem with the PoS-changing derivations.

In lookup2cg, PoS tags are given stars if they appear before derivational tags, so "V Der N" becomes "V* Der N". We could do this with twol, but we have no way of removing them before bidix.

  • Simple / clean solution: lexicalise.
  • Boring / ugly solution: add stars with twol before any PoS-changing derivation tags, then instead of
<e><p><l>geavahit<s n="V"/><s n="TV"/></l><r>bruke<s n="vblex"/><s n="pers"/></r></p><par n="__verb"/></e>

we have

<e><p><l>geavahit</l><r>bruke<s n="vblex"/><s n="pers"/></r></p><par n="__tverb"/></e>

where __tverb adds the TV tag, and all PoS changing derivations use V* instead of V.

TODO: Testvoc

Before release, we need to get testvoc out of the way – making sure there are no #'s and @'s in the output. As yet we don't have a way to create all possible surface forms from an HFST analyser, but we can at least run as large a corpus as we can find through sme-nob and look for # and @.

Generation report

The script dev/generation-test -r corpus translates a corpus and gives a frequency sorted list of errors (words marked with #, / or @). Current status:

Bidix inconsistency

The script dev/ tries to generate (with nob.dix) base forms (like infinitives or singular indefinites) of the various rhs entries in the bidix. Statistics so far:

Part-of-Speech entries from bidix that are OK in nob.dix in bidix but not in nob.dix comments in sme analyser but not bidix
verbs 2536 0 :) ???
nouns 11758 0 :) ???
proper nouns 28310 15159 look for PPP mark in bidix, use dev/ ???
adverbs 235 0 :) only one nob pardef, simple to add ???
prepositions 42 0 :) lots missing from bidix still
adjectives 1056 0 :) (not sure if all forms are covered though) ???
abbreviations ??? 0 :) 0
sub-/conjunctions 25 0 :) ???
pronouns ??? ??? 0
ShCmp ??? 0 compound parts, removed from analyser 0
Numerals ??? ??? bidix should be OK, not 100% sure, still lots missing from generator! ???

Expanding the morphology

Running hfst-fst2strings sme-nob.automorf.hfst.ol creates an expansion of the morphology, might be possible to use for testvoc? TODO

There's a handy script dev/ that takes as input one word and PoS (tab-separated) per line, e.g.

galbmit	V
beana	N

, and uses the giellatekno web-based lemma expander to create all forms of each lemma (since hfst is still not very good for that), then runs them through bidix to check for missing bidix entries.