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To install giella-sme, do:

svn co
cd gtcore
./ && ./configure && make
export GTCORE="`pwd`"
echo "export GTCORE=\"`pwd`\"" >> ~/.bashrc
cd ..
svn co
./ && ./configure --enable-apertium --with-hfst --without-xfst  --disable-spellers --disable-analysers --disable-generators && make
cd tools/mt/apertium

That last directory (sme/tools/mt/apertium) is the source dir which you use with apertium-sme-nob, so compilation of sme-nob becomes something like

./ --with-lang1=$HOME/src/sme/tools/mt/apertium --with-lang2=$HOME/src/apertium-nob

(or, if you did "make install" in giella-sme and apertium-nob, just "./ && make").

If you've installed Bash completion and set the $GTHOME variable as per, you can just do "./ -TAB" and it'll fill out the tools/mt/apertium path for you.