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Nepali (Wikipedia:nepali) is an Indo-Aryan (Wikipedia:Indo-Aryan) language spoken in Nepal, a country sandwiched between the two large asian countries, China and India in the north and south respectively. Influenced by both Chinese(tibetan) and Indian culture especially in the north and south respectively, it has over 120 languages spoken by minorities and ethnic groups. Having had a long history from the vedic(Wikipedia:Vedic) periods and its formation of the country, language was no exception.Similar to other asian languages, the grammer is different from english, or Western Countries in general. The placement of verbs, subject and object is different from English. Thus, Nepali can be more grammatically compared to Hindi,Bengali,etc. in south and Japanese,Korean,etc. in north. Adopted from the sanksrit, its style of using radicals and combining words has been really the sanksrit.(Wikipedia:Sanskrit)

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Machine translation

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  • Laxmi prasad devkota [2]
  • (Adikabi) Bhanubhakta acharya [3]
  • Lekhnath Paudyal
  • Kalidas see "kalidasa"
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  • [B. 2006] Kingdom period - "Rastriya Gaan"
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 as to online resources available only in nepali language.


 for the current scripts and the developments as from where it was originally adopted.