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===Machine translation===
===Machine translation===
* http://www.easynepalityping.com/nepali-to-english-translation-google [Powered by Google]
* [http://www.easynepalityping.com/nepali-to-english-translation-google Translator] [Powered by Google]
* [A English-Nepali converter. For knowing the alphabets especially for people comfortable with rather typing english] http://nepali.changathi.com/
* ''English-Nepali Converter'' [http://nepali.changathi.com/ Changathi]

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Nepali (Wikipedia:nepali) is an Indo-Aryan (Wikipedia:Indo-Aryan) language spoken in Nepal, a country sandwiched between the two large asian countries, China and India. Influenced by both Chinese and Indian culture especially in the north and south respectively, it is a kind in its own and has over 120 languages. Having had a long history from the vedic(Wikipedia:Vedic) periods and its formation of the country, language was no exception.



Machine translation



Writing System

Other Demographically important Writing System

Language simile and translations

Below are translation sites(commercial), optional is https://translate.google.com



  • www.elra.info/en/catalogues/free-resources/nepali-corpora/
  • Nationally celebrated poetries [9]