Mayan languages

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Module Language Native name Group ISO 639 Stems Coverage Primary authors
-1 -3 apertium-yua Yucatec Maya Yucatecan yua
apertium-cak Kaqchikel Quichean cak
Wastek Huastecan
Lacandon Yucatecan
Mopan Yucatecan
Chontal Ch'ol
Ch'ol Ch'ol
Ch’orti’ Ch'ol
Tzeltal Tzeltalan
Tzotzil Tzeltalan

Chuj Chujean
Tojolab'al Chujean

Akatek Q'anjob'alan–Jakaltek

Jakaltek Q'anjob'alan–Jakaltek

Q'anjob'al Q'anjob'alan–Jakaltek

Mocho’ Mototzintleco

Awakatek Ixilean
Ixil Ixilean
Mam Mamean
Tektitek Mamean

Q'eqchi Quichean
Poqomchi' Quichean
Achi Quichean
K'iche' Quichean
Tz'utujil Quichean
Sakapultek Quichean
Sipakapense Quichean
Uspantek Quichean