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matxin-spa is an analysis component for Spanish to be used in the Matxin machine translation system based on FreeLing.


  • FreeLing (version 3.1)


$ git clone
$ cd matxin-spa
$ ./
$ make
$ make install


$ echo "Esto es una prueba." | matxin -f none -d . spa-analyser
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<SENTENCE ord='1' alloc='0'>
<CHUNK ord='2' alloc='5' type='grup-verb' si='top'>
  <NODE ord='2' alloc='5' form='es' lem='ser' mi='VSIP3S0'>
  <CHUNK ord='1' alloc='0' type='sn' si='subj'>
    <NODE ord='1' alloc='0' form='Esto' lem='este' mi='PD0NS000'>
  <CHUNK ord='3' alloc='8' type='sn' si='att'>
    <NODE ord='4' alloc='12' form='prueba' lem='prueba' mi='NCFS000'>
      <NODE ord='3' alloc='8' form='una' lem='uno' mi='DI0FS0'>
  <CHUNK ord='4' alloc='18' type='F-term' si='term'>
    <NODE ord='5' alloc='18' form='.' lem='.' mi='Fp'>