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Here are some simple steps to making a release, read the release policy for more information as to when a release should be made. Basically, we have four main stages, "building the package", "testing", "uploading to SourceForge" and "tagging SVN".

Retrieving the version from SVN

Get the latest SVN, or the revision (or date) which you'd like to release. For example to get the version of apertium-oc-ca on the 10th June, 2007, use:

$ svn co -r '{2007-06-10}'

Editing the build files

First update the build files to reflect the new version.




-AC_INIT([apertium-oc-ca], [1.0.2], [<maintainer email>])
-AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([apertium-oc-ca], [1.0.2], no-define)
+AC_INIT([apertium-oc-ca], [1.0.3], [<maintainer email>])
+AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([apertium-oc-ca], [1.0.3], no-define)

Building the package


$ ./ 

$ make dist

Should now have a file in the source directory called apertium-oc-ca-1.0.3.tar.gz.


Copy the file somewhere temporary, extract it, and test it.

$ mkdir /tmp/test
$ ./configure --prefix=/tmp/test
$ make
$ make install

If you get any errors, go back, fix them in SVN and start again. If the error is in this revision, not in SVN head, then go back to the revision that you checked out and make a note in the ChangeLog of what you changed.

Example contents of ChangeLog:

Wed 20 Jun 2007 08:45:42 BST

  * New release version 1.0.3
  * Updated to fix 'make install' problem. See
    bug #3 in Bugzilla.

Making a release in SourceForge

Tagging the release you just made in SVN