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Available translation pairs (translators)

  • Catalan-Romanian(ca-ro)
  • Welsh-English(cy-en)
  • English-Afrikaans(en-af)
  • English-Catalan(en-ca)
  • English-Galician(en-gl)
  • Spanish-Catalan(es-ca)
  • Spanish-Romanian(es-ro)
  • French-Catalan(fr-ca)
  • French-Spanish(fr-es)
  • French-Dutch(fr-nl)
  • Indonesian-Malaysian(id-ms)
  • Occitan-Catalan(oc-ca)
  • Swedish-Danish(sv-da)


Code snippets

If you've written some stuff for Apertium but haven't got round to actually making a language pair, feel free to make a new page for the language in question and paste it there. Stuff like basic dictionaries, paradigms, rules, hacks etc. are all welcome.


Staying in touch

Wiki stuff

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.