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''Apertium is a free/open-source platform for developing rule-based machine translation systems!''
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To see the whole list of general documentation pages written in English, see [[:Category:Documentation in English|documentation in English]].
Pour ceux qui sont plus à l'aise avec la langue française, une partie des pages anglaises a été traduite. Voir [[:Category:Documentation en français|documentation en français]].
The following 49 pairs have released versions and are considered to be stable:
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*Spanish ⇆ Catalan ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=es-ca es-ca])
*Spanish ← Romanian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=ro-es es-ro])
*French ⇆ Catalan ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=fra-cat fra-cat])
*Occitan ⇆ Catalan ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=oc-ca oc-ca])
*English ⇆ Galician ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=en-gl en-gl])
*Swedish → Danish ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=swe-dan swe-dan])
*Macedonian → English ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=mk-en mk-en])
*Afrikaans ⇆ Dutch ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=af-nl af-nl])
*Indonesian ⇆ Malaysian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=id-ms id-ms])
*Icelandic ⇆ Swedish ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=hbs-slv is-sv])
*Occitan ⇆ Spanish ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=oc-es oc-es])
*Spanish ⇆ Portuguese ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=es-pt es-pt])
*English ⇆ Catalan ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=en-ca en-ca])
*English ⇆ Spanish ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=en-es en-es])
*Sardinian ← Italian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=ita-srd ita-srd])
*Sardinian ← Catalan ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=ita-srd cat-srd])
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*English ⇆ Esperanto ([http://apertium.saluton.dk/?id=translatetext&dir=en-eo en-eo])
*Spanish → Asturian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=spa-ast spa-ast])
*Catalan ← Italian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=it-ca ca-it])
*Maltese → Arabic ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=mlt-ara mlt-ara])
*Serbo-Croatian ⇆ Slovenian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=hbs-slv hbs-slv])
*Danish ⇆ Norwegian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=dan-nor dan-nor])
*Spanish ⇆ Galician ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=es-gl es-gl])
*French ⇆ Spanish ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=fr-es fr-es])
*French → Occitan ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=fra-oci fra-oci])
*Esperanto ← Spanish ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&lang=eo&dir=es-eo eo-es])
*Welsh → English ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=cy-en cy-en])
*Breton → French ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=br-fr br-fr])
*Icelandic → English ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=isl-eng isl-eng])
*Esperanto ← Catalan ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&lang=eo&dir=ca-eo eo-ca])
*North Sámi → Norwegian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=sme-nob sme-nob])
*Crimean Tatar → Turkish ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=crh-tur crh-tur])
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*Serbo-Croatian → Macedonian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=hbs-mkd hbs-mkd])
*Serbo-Croatian → English ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=hbs-eng hbs-eng])
*Portuguese ⇆ Catalan ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=pt-ca pt-ca])
*Portuguese ⇆ Galician ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=pt-gl pt-gl])
*Basque → Spanish ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=eu-es eu-es])
*Norwegian Nynorsk ⇆ Bokmål ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=nno-nob nno-nob])
*Macedonian ⇆ Bulgarian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=mk-bg mk-bg])
*Esperanto ← French ([http://apertium.saluton.dk/?id=translatetext&lang=eo&dir=fr-eo eo-fr])
*Basque → English ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=eu-en eu-en])
*Spanish ⇆ Aragonese ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=spa-arg spa-arg])
*Kazakh ⇆ Tatar ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=kaz-tat kaz-tat])
*Urdu ⇆ Hindi ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=urd-hin urd-hin])
*Aragonese ⇆ Catalan ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=arg-cat arg-cat])
*Swedish ⇆ Norwegian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=swe-nno swe-nor])
*Belarusian ⇆ Russian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=bel-rus bel-rus])
*Russian ⇆ Ukrainian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=rus-ukr rus-ukr])
*Polish → Silesian ([http://www.apertium.org/?id=translatetext&dir=pol-szl pol-szl])
Other pairs currently in development may be found in our [[Using_Git|GitHub repositories]]. You can [[test drive]] release versions [http://apertium.org here].<!--, and all versions (including versions for unreleased language pairs) [http://xixona.dlsi.ua.es/testing/ here] &mdash; this has the latest versions (up to 6 hours old).--> More information can be found on the page: [[List of language pairs]]
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== How to create a new language pair ==
* '''[[Apertium New Language Pair HOWTO]]''' &mdash; step-by-step description of how to start a new language pair in Apertium.
** [[Créer une nouvelle paire de langues]]
** [[Come scrivere una nuova coppia di lingue Apertium]]
** [[Amestar un par de llingües nuevu]]
** [[Uputstvo za novi jezički par za Apertium]]
** [[Апертиум, как се създава нова езикова двойка]]
** [[Руководство по созданию новой языковой пары]]
** [[Jak zrobić nową parę języków]]
** [[Apertium, Tvorba novej dvojice jazykov]]
** [[Як створити нову мовну пару‎]]
** [[Nieuw talenpaar maken]]
** [[अपर्टियम मे नई भाषा जोडे]]
** [[अपर्टियम मा नयाँ भाषा जोड्नुहोस]]
** [[অপের্তিউম নতুন ভাষা জোড়া তে হয় কিভাবে]]
** [[Hvordan lage et nytt språkpar i Apertium‎]]
** [[Oprettelse af et nyt sprogpar i Apertium]]
** [[Kiel aldoni novan lingvoparon‎]]
** [[Sevel ur c'houblad yezhoù nevez]]
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== Documentation (other pages) ==
* '''[[Using Git]]''' &mdash; cheatsheet on how to use Git for users and developers.
* '''[[Contributing to an existing pair]]''' &mdash; some pointers for contributing to an existing pair.
** [[Comment contribuer à une paire de langues existante]]
* '''[[Become a language pair developer for Apertium]]''' &mdash; A quick, step-by-step guide for Ubuntu and Debian users on how to add entries to a language pair.
** [[Devenir un développeur de paire de langues pour Apertium]]
* '''[[Frequently Asked Questions]]''' &mdash; what it says in the link.
** [[Questions fréquentes]]
* [[List of dictionaries]] &mdash; total list of all the morphological dictionaries (analysers) using lttoolbox and bilingual dictionaries available in the project.
* [[List of language pairs]] &mdash; total list of language pairs in each branche.
** [[Liste des paires de langues]]
* [[Translation quality statistics]] &mdash; Details of error rate for each translator.
[[Category:Top-level categories]]

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