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** There are helper bots on irc: [[radnik]] and [[eleda]]
** There are helper bots on irc: [[radnik]] and [[eleda]]
* If you find a bug, [http://xixona.dlsi.ua.es/cgi-bin/bugzilla/index.cgi report it] in [[bugzilla]]!
* If you find a bug, [http://xixona.dlsi.ua.es/cgi-bin/bugzilla/index.cgi report it] in [[bugzilla]]!
== Wacky ideas ==
== Wacky ideas ==

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Available translation pairs (translators)

Main article: List of language pairs

Release versions of these translators can be tested on xixona, alpha versions at most twelve hours old from SVN can be tested on ilazki and xixona. A graph of the bilingual dictionary entries between the pairs can be found here.

  • Catalan-Romanian (ca-ro)**
  • Welsh-English (cy-en)**
  • English-Afrikaans (en-af)**
  • English-Catalan (en-ca)**
  • English-Galician (en-gl)*
  • Tajik-English (tg-en)*
  • Spanish-Catalan (es-ca)*
  • Spanish-Romanian (es-ro)**
  • French-Catalan (fr-ca)**
  • French-Spanish (fr-es)**
  • English-German (en-de)**
  • SerboCroatian-Macedonian (sh-mk)*
  • French-Dutch (fr-nl)**
  • Indonesian-Malaysian (id-ms)*
  • Occitan-Catalan (oc-ca)**
  • Swedish-Danish (sv-da)*
  • English-Dutch (en-nl)**
  • Catalan-Romanian (ca-ro)*

* denotes fairly inactive development status, ** denotes active development status.

We're always looking for developers, but particularly for fairly inactive pairs (marked with single '*'). Contact us!


Code snippets

If you've written some stuff for Apertium but haven't got round to actually making a language pair, feel free to make a new page for the language in question and paste it there. Stuff like basic dictionaries, paradigms, rules, hacks etc. are all welcome.


Staying in touch

Wacky ideas