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* [[Agglutination and compounds]]
* [[Agglutination and compounds]]
* [[Separable verbs]]
* [[Separable verbs]]
* [[Named entity recognition]]
== Misc ==
== Misc ==

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Available translation pairs (translators)

Main article: List of language pairs

Release versions of these translators can be tested on xixona, alpha versions at most twelve hours old from SVN can also be tested xixona. A graph of the bilingual dictionary entries between the pairs can be found here.

  • Catalan ⇆ Romanian (ca-ro)*
  • Welsh ⇆ English (cy-en)**
  • English ⇆ Afrikaans (en-af)**
  • English ⇆ Catalan (en-ca)**
  • English ⇆ Galician (en-gl)*
  • Tajik ⇆ English (tg-en)*
  • Spanish ⇆ Catalan (es-ca)*
  • Spanish ⇆ Romanian (es-ro)**
  • French ⇆ Catalan (fr-ca)**
  • French ⇆ Spanish (fr-es)**
  • English ⇆ German (en-de)**
  • Serbo-Croatian ⇆ Macedonian (sh-mk)*
  • French ⇆ Dutch (fr-nl)**
  • Indonesian ⇆ Malaysian (id-ms)*
  • Occitan ⇆ Catalan (oc-ca)**
  • Swedish ⇆ Danish (sv-da)*
  • English ⇆ Dutch (en-nl)**
  • Spanish ⇆ Italian (es-it)
  • Spanish ⇆ Basque (es-eu)
  • Spanish ⇆ Portuguese (es-pt)

* denotes fairly inactive development status, ** denotes active development status.

We're always looking for developers, but particularly for fairly inactive pairs (marked with single '*'). Contact us!


Code snippets

If you've written some stuff for Apertium but haven't got round to actually making a language pair, feel free to make a new page for the language in question and paste it there. Stuff like basic dictionaries, paradigms, rules, hacks etc. are all welcome. See also the Cookbook.


Staying in touch

Wacky ideas



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