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Eventually this will be a glossary of symbol names in alphabetical order with notes.

Symbol Gloss Notes
n Noun see 'np' for proper nouns
adj Adjective
adv Adverb
    <sdef n="n"       c="Noun"/>
    <sdef n="m"       c="Masculine"/>
    <sdef n="f"       c="Feminine"/>
    <sdef n="nt"      c="Neuter"/>
    <sdef n="mf"      c="Masculine-Feminine"/>
    <sdef n="sg"      c="Singular"/>
    <sdef n="pl"      c="Plural"/>
    <sdef n="prn"     c="Pronoun"/>
    <sdef n="pr"      c="Preposition"/>

    <sdef n="cnjcoo"  c="Co-ordinating conjunction"/>
    <sdef n="cnjsub"  c="Subordinating conjunction"/>
    <sdef n="cnjadv"  c="Adverbial conjunction"/>

    <sdef n="vbser"   c="The verb 'to be'"/>
    <sdef n="vblex"   c="Lexical verb"/>
    <sdef n="vaux"    c="Auxilliary verb"/>
    <sdef n="vbhaver" c="The verb 'to have'"/>
    <sdef n="vbmod"   c="Modal verb"/>
    <sdef n="pri"     c="Present indicative"/>
    <sdef n="past"    c="Past tense"/>
    <sdef n="pres"    c="Present tense"/>
    <sdef n="inf"     c="Infinitive"/>

    <sdef n="aff"     c="Affirmative"/>
    <sdef n="int"     c="Interrogative"/>
    <sdef n="neg"     c="Negative"/>

    <sdef n="p1"      c="First person"/>
    <sdef n="p2"      c="Second person"/>
    <sdef n="p3"      c="Third person"/>
    <sdef n="impers"  c="Impersonal"/>
    <sdef n="tn"      c="Tonico"/>
    <sdef n="adj"     c="Adjective"/>
    <sdef n="sint"    c="Synthetic adjective"/>
    <sdef n="comp"    c="Comparative"/>
    <sdef n="sup"     c="Superlative"/>
    <sdef n="attr"    c="Attributive"/>
    <sdef n="pred"    c="Predicative"/>

    <sdef n="detnt"   c="Neuter determiner"/>
    <sdef n="predet"  c="Pre determiner"/>
    <sdef n="atn"/>
    <sdef n="qnt"/>
    <sdef n="ord"     c="Ordinal"/>
    <sdef n="obj"     c="Object"/>
    <sdef n="subj"    c="Subject"/>
    <sdef n="pro"     c="Proclitic"/>
    <sdef n="acr"     c="Acronym"/>
    <sdef n="ant"     c="Antroponym"/>
    <sdef n="al"      c="Other / Otros"/>
    <sdef n="np"      c="Proper noun"/>
    <sdef n="adv"     c="Adverb"/>
    <sdef n="preadv"  c="Pre-adverb"/>
    <sdef n="rel"     c="Relative"/>
    <sdef n="nn"      c="Noun noun"/>
    <sdef n="an"      c="Adjective noun"/>
    <sdef n="aa"      c="Adjective adjective"/>
    <sdef n="ind"     c="Indefinite"/>    
    <sdef n="itg"     c="Interrogative"/>
    <sdef n="det"     c="Determiner"/>
    <sdef n="dem"     c="Demonstrative"/>
    <sdef n="def"     c="Definite"/>
    <sdef n="ger"     c="Gerund"/>
    <sdef n="pp"      c="Participle"/>
    <sdef n="ifi"     c="Pretério perfecto o indefinido"/>
    <sdef n="pii"     c="Pretério imperfecto de indicativo"/>
    <sdef n="fti"     c="Future indicative"/>
    <sdef n="cni"     c="Conditional"/>
    <sdef n="prs"     c="Present subjunctive"/>
    <sdef n="pis"     c="Pretério imperfecto de subjunctivo"/>
    <sdef n="imp"     c="Imperfect"/>
    <sdef n="pos"     c="Possessive"/>
    <sdef n="gen"     c="Genitive"/>
    <sdef n="nom"     c="Nominative"/>
    <sdef n="sp"      c="Singular / Plural"/>
    <sdef n="ref"     c="Reflexive"/>
    <sdef n="num"     c="Numeral / Number"/>
    <sdef n="ij"      c="Interjection"/>
    <sdef n="gen"     c="Genitive"/>
    <sdef n="nom"     c="Nominative"/>
    <sdef n="dat"     c="Dative"/>
    <sdef n="loc"     c="Locative"/>
    <sdef n="acc"     c="Accusative"/>
    <sdef n="ins"     c="Instrumental"/>
    <sdef n="voc"     c="Vocative"/>

    <sdef n="ind"     c="Indefinite"/>    
    <sdef n="def"     c="Definite"/>
    <sdef n="prx"     c="Proximate"/>
    <sdef n="dst"     c="Distal"/>