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We know that some people might be interested in working on Apertium, but not know where to start. We have lots of documentation, but sometimes what you really want to do is sit down and have a chat and ask questions with someone who knows a lot about the project. You might want to tell them what your skills are, what you think you are good at, and ask if they have any ideas for how you might get started. That's where Apertium mentors come in!

If you decide to contact one of our mentors, the best way would be either on IRC, or by emailing them. Each mentor has a link next to their name that allows you to write them an email (but you'll need an account on the Wiki first!).

Each of our mentors has a list of languages which they speak (in bold) and which they understand, so you can communicate in the language which you prefer.

Mentor profiles

Photo Name IRC nick Language(s) Interests Bio
Francis Morton Tyers
(wiki · email)
spectie, spectei, spectre english, castellano, català,
Under-resourced, regional, and marginalised languages. I'm a PhD student at the Universitat d'Alacant. Apart from machine translation, I'm interested in rule-based approaches to morphological analysis and disambiguation, dependency grammars and lexical selection.
Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
(wiki · email)
unhammer, unhammerd, rehammer norsk, english,
deutsch, nederlands
Rule-based NLP, marginalised languages. I've worked mostly on Norwegian and Sámi language pairs in Apertium, as well as Constraint Grammar disambiguation, but take an interest in pretty much anything related to natural language text processing.
Jonathan in a Qyrgyz qalpaq.jpg
Jonathan North Washington
(wiki · email)
firespeaker, jonorthwash, kd5cfx english, қазақша, кыргызча, русский,
татарча, ўзбекча/o'zbekcha, türkçe, халха/монгол, français, español
Phonetics/phonology, language documentation, Turkic languages I'm a Ph.D. student at Indiana University. I work mainly on phonetics, phonology, historical linguistics, and language documentation, and am most interested in Turkic languages. My relevant strengths are in developing computational morphologies and phonologies using lexc and twol.
Jacob Nordfalk
(wiki · email)
jacobEo dansk, esperanto, norsk, english,
svenska, deutsch, nepali
java, mobile computing, esperanto I am an associate professor in computer science. I've worked mostly on the Esperanto-English and a little on Swedish-Danish pairs in Apertium, as well as the core code (lttoolbox-java), Android, dixtools.
Gianluca Grossi
zfe italiano, american, türkçe
mobile computing, modern Anatolian Turkish, Italian, Latin I am teaching Italian in Istanbul. I've worked mostly on Turkish (see turmorph). Interested in potential uses of apertium on iOS platform, dictionaries fetishist.
Mikel L. Forcada
mlforcada basque, català. español, english,
português, français, italiano, hrvatsko-bosansko-srpski; esperanto, interlingua
finite-state theory, machine translation and computer-aided translation Professor of Computer Science at the Universitat d'Alacant (Spain).