Languages of the Volga-Kama region

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The languages of the Volga-Kama region include Tatar, Bashqort, Chuvash, Mari, Komi, Mordvin, and Udmurt (and to some extent Russian).

language iso num speakers UNESCO classification
Tatar tat 6000K?
Bashqort bak 1379K vulnerable
Chuvash chv 1325K vulnerable
Udmurt udm 0464K definitely endangered
Eastern Mari mhr 0414K definitely endangered
Erzya (Mordvin) myv 0400K definitely endangered
Komi Zyryan kpv 0217K definitely endangered
Moksha (Mordvin) mdf 0200K definitely endangered
Komi Permyak koi 0094K definitely endangered
Western Mari mrj 0037K severely endangered
Komi Yazva koi <0000K severely endangered