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== Scholarship ==
== Scholarship ==
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[[Category:Languages of the Volga-Kama region]]
[[Category:Turkic Languages]]
[[Category:Uralic Languages]]

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The languages of the Volga-Kama region include several Turkic and Uralic languages spoken in the Volga-Kama region (along the Volga and Kama rivers) in Russia. These include [varieties of] Tatar, Bashqort, Chuvash, Mari, Komi, Mordvin, and Udmurt (and linguistically, to some extent, Russian).

The languages

The following table shows information about Volga-Kama varieties and information about apertium projects related to the languages.

language iso num speakers UNESCO classification Apertium support
Tatar tat 6500K 0. none incubator/apertium-tr-tt/

incubator/apertium-tt-kk/ incubator/apertium-tt-ky/ incubator/apertium-tt-ru/ incubator/apertium-cv-tt/ nursery/apertium-tt-ba/

Bashqort bak 1379K 1. vulnerable nursery/apertium-tt-ba/
Chuvash chv 1325K 1. vulnerable incubator/apertium-cv-ru/

incubator/apertium-cv-tr/ incubator/apertium-cv-tt/

Udmurt udm 0464K 2. definitely endangered incubator/apertium-fin-udm/


Mari - Eastern mhr 0414K 2. definitely endangered incubator/apertium-kpv-mhr/
Mordvin - Erzya myv 0400K 2. definitely endangered
Komi - Zyryan kpv 0217K 2. definitely endangered incubator/apertium-kpv-mhr/
Mordvin - Moksha mdf 0200K 2. definitely endangered
Komi - Permyak koi 0094K 2. definitely endangered
Mari - Western mrj 0037K 3. severely endangered
Komi - Yazva koi 0000K 3. severely endangered

Existing general resources



Existing computational resources

Corpora and corpora projects


Text-to-speech and speech-to-text systems


  • Xkb includes keyboards for the following languages:
    • Tatar
    • Chuvash
    • ...?

Morphological Transducers