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Pair maintainer

Here is a list of language pair (linguistic package) maintainers

Pair name Languages Maintainer Release
apertium-af-nl Afrikaans-Dutch
apertium-ca-ro Catalan-Romanian
apertium-cy-en Welsh-English
apertium-en-af English-Afrikaans
apertium-en-ca English-Catalan
apertium-en-de English-German
apertium-en-nl English-Dutch
apertium-en-pl English-Polish
apertium-eo-ca Esperanto-Catalan
apertium-eo-es Esperanto-Spanish
apertium-es-ca Spanish-Catalan
apertium-es-gl Spanish-Galician
apertium-es-it Spanish-Italian
apertium-es-pt Spanish-Portuguese
apertium-es-ro Spanish-Romanian
apertium-eu-es Basque-Spanish
apertium-fr-ca French-Catalan
apertium-fr-en French-English
apertium-fr-es French-Spanish
apertium-fr-nl French-Dutch
apertium-id-ms Indonesian-Malaysian
apertium-oc-ca Occitan-Catalan
apertium-oc-es Occitan-Spanish
apertium-sh-mk Serbo-Croatian Macedonian
apertium-sv-da Swedish - Danish
apertium-tg-fa Tajik - Persian
apertium-tr-az Turkish - Azerbaijani