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Feel free to add your name, if you are not listed.

Pair maintainer

Here is a list of language pair (linguistic package) maintainers

Pair name Languages Maintainer Release
apertium-af-nl Afrikaans-Dutch
apertium-ca-ro Catalan-Romanian
apertium-cy-en Welsh-English
apertium-en-af English-Afrikaans
apertium-en-ca English-Catalan
apertium-en-de English-German
apertium-en-nl English-Dutch
apertium-en-pl English-Polish
apertium-eo-ca Esperanto-Catalan
apertium-eo-es Esperanto-Spanish
apertium-es-ca Spanish-Catalan
apertium-es-gl Spanish-Galician
apertium-es-it Spanish-Italian
apertium-es-pt Spanish-Portuguese
apertium-es-ro Spanish-Romanian
apertium-eu-es Basque-Spanish
apertium-fr-ca French-Catalan
apertium-fr-en French-English
apertium-fr-es French-Spanish
apertium-fr-nl French-Dutch
apertium-id-ms Indonesian-Malaysian
apertium-oc-ca Occitan-Catalan
apertium-oc-es Occitan-Spanish
apertium-sh-mk Serbo-Croatian Macedonian
apertium-sv-da Swedish - Danish
apertium-tg-fa Tajik - Persian
apertium-tr-az Turkish - Azerbaijani

Language maintainer

  1. Afrikaans (af) Francis Tyers, email (fran at thinkgeek dot co dot uk) Francis Tyers
  2. Azerbaijani (az)
  3. Basque (eu)
  4. Catalan (ca)
  5. Danish (da) none (Orphan pair)
  6. Dutch (nl), Youssef Oualmakran, email (youssefsan at gmail dot com) Youssefsan, Troy Spier, email (tspier2 at gmail dot com) Tspier2
  7. English (en)
  8. French (fr)
  9. Galician (gl)
  10. German (de) Troy Spier, email (tspier2 at gmail dot com) Tspier2
  11. Indonesian (id) none (Orphan pair)
  12. Italian (it)
  13. Macedonian (mk)
  14. Malaysian (ms) none (Orphan pair)
  15. Occitan (oc)
  16. Portuguese (pt)
  17. Romanian (ro)
  18. Serbo-Croatian (sh)
  19. Spanish (es)
  20. Swedish (sv) none (Orphan pair)
  21. Tajik (tg) Francis Tyers
  22. Turkish (tr)
  23. Welsh (cy) Kevin Donnelly and Francis Tyers