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Several apertium developers are attending LREC 2012 (eighth international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation). Some (most?) of us are presenting following papers.

Apertium papers being presented

Title Authors Attending Location Date/time Mode
"A morphological transducer for Kyrgyz" JNW, Mirlan, Fran JNW, Fran, ?? poster
"A prototype machine translation system for Tatar and Bashkir based on Free/Open-Source components" Fran, JNW, Ilnar, Rustam Fran, JNW Room 6 2012-05-21 (Monday) 14:50-15:10 talk

Others planning on attending: Gianluca

Apertium Turkic

Apertium developers working on Turkic languages have planned to hold at least one meeting during LREC to discuss the following issues, among others:

  • How to deal with semi-recursive structures, such as morphemes that attatch to subst and derive subst,, e.g. <loc><attr> and <px>
  • How to deal with morphemes which change case of first letter when suffix is added,
  • How to deal with phonological processes like vowel harmony on numerals and abbreviations,
  • etc.