LREC 2012

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Apertium developers are attending LREC 2012 to present the following papers:

Title Authors Attending Date/time
Kyrgyz morphoooogical analyser User:Firespeaker, Mirlan, Fran User:Firespeaker, Fran
Tatar-Basqort MT Fran, User:Firespeaker, Ilnar, Rustam Fran, User:Firespeaker

Apertium Turkic

Apertium developers working on Turkic languages have planned to hold at least one meeting during LREC to discuss the following issues, among others:

  • How to deal with semi-recursive structures, such as morphemes that attatch to subst and derive subst,, e.g. <loc><attr> and <px>
  • How to deal with morphemes which change case of first letter when suffix is added,
  • How to deal with phonological processes like vowel harmony on numerals and abbreviations,
  • etc.