Kurmanji and English/TODO

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General TODO

  • Add past tense to verbs in dictionary
  • Figure out divê (modal verb? Conjugation of divêtin?)

Zana Farqînî's dictionary considers the full form divêtin to be a noun (infinitives are feminine in Kurmanji), while in Baran Rızgar's dictionary it is considered a transitive verb. I have not yet seen this used in any person than third, regardless of tense or ergativity.

This could be a conjugation of vêtîn, might make sense to create a new paradigm for it.

  • Nouns listed as both male and female

Şehîd is one that immediately comes to mind, however it is listed as a male in KMR-ENG, while oddly completely absent from KMR itself. There could be a new paradigm for these, but for now I am listing cases such as peyamnêr as both male and female.

  • Adverb counterpart for hemû
  • hev seems to be like Turkish "birbiri"/persian "yekdiger", match with "each other"
  • hember is listed as a noun but seems to be used as a preposition, same meaning and function as "against"