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Konkani (Wikipedia:Konkani language) is an Indo-Aryan or Indic language. It is available in Apertium as a standalone analyser/generator (apertium-kok) and as a component of pair which translates to/from Konkani.

Language pair

See also: List of language pairs

In incubator:

Pair name Language Last update
apertium-kok-hin Konkani <-> Hindi 17 Oct 2020


Current status

Last update: 17 Oct 2020

Dix entries: 65,381

Dix paradigms: 90

Coverage: 93.36% (Wikipedia)

Dictionary guidelines

The current Konkani dictionary is quite big (nearly 65,000 entries), so tidiness is essential to ensure future development:

  • Keep entries sorted alphabetically.
  • Keep entries grouped by type and tags (do not mix different types of proper nouns together).
  • Check the file with apertium-dixtools (to update the number of entries and remove duplicates).

Spelling variants

The standard spelling variant in Apertium is the official Devanagri script.

Constraint Grammar

Apertium-kok currently has 21 CG rules. Still there is a lot of room for disambiguation improvement using CG.

Future work

  • Add more words and paradigms