Kazakh and Tatar

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This is a language pair translating between Kazakh and Tatar. The pair is currently located in incubator, but it is expected that it will soon be moved to staging.

General information


$ echo "бұл аударушымен татарша жазылған тексттер қазақша аударып оқыса болады" | apertium -d . kaz-tat бу аударучы белән татарча язылган *тексттер казакъча аударып укыша була (hrm)


You will need:

  • hfst (svn ≥r1916)
    • foma
      • flex
  • apertium
    • lttoolbox


Information on what remains to be done for this pair can be found at the /TODO list.

Development workflow

We work on the transducers (apertium-kaz and apertium-tat) individually, and use a special process to import to the pair transducers that contain only the words found in the bidix. The following documents this process: