Kazakh and Sakha

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This is Apertium translation pair for Kazakh and Sakha. The pair is currently located in incubator.


You will need:

Install apertium-kaz

git clone https://github.com/apertium/apertium-kaz.git
cd apertium-kaz

Install apertium-sah

git clone https://github.com/apertium/apertium-sah.git
cd apertium-sah

Install apertium-kaz-sah

git clone https://github.com/apertium/apertium-kaz-sah.git
cd apertium-kaz-sah
./autogen.sh --with-lang1=../apertium-kaz --with-lang2=../apertium-sah    # paths to apertium-kaz and apertium-sah source folders

Development workflow

Transfer rules

Example of adding <loc> -> <dat> rule

In apertium-kaz-sah.kaz-sah.t1x file

Adding to section <section-def-cats>

<def-cat n="nom">
  <cat-item tags="n.*"/>

Adding to section <section-def-attrs>

<def-attr n="a_cas">
  <attr-item tags="nom"/>
  <attr-item tags="dat"/>
  <attr-item tags="loc"/>

Adding to section <section-def-macros>

<def-macro n="f_default_nom1" npar="1">
  <choose><when><test><equal><clip pos="1" side="tl" part="a_cas"/><lit-tag v="loc"/></equal></test>
  <let><clip pos="1" side="tl" part="a_cas"/><lit-tag v="dat"/></let></when></choose>

Adding to section <section-rules>

<rule comment="REGLA: NOUN">
    <pattern-item n="nom"/>
    <call-macro n="f_default_nom1">
      <with-param pos="1"/>
      <chunk name="n" case="caseFirstWord">
          <tag><lit-tag v="SN"/></tag>
           <clip pos="1" side="tl" part="whole"/>