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Kazakh to Russian

Verbs that translate as "be" ADJ

  • (kaz) сусап жатырмын → я хочу пить

Normal(?) apertium approach:

  1. translate verb as multiword (суса = be<v><b>thirsty<adj>)
  2. fix tags of "be" in transfer

New appraoch:

  1. translate verb as adjective (суса- = thirsty<adj>)
  2. define class of beAdjVerbs
  3. insert be<v> before beAdjVerbs
  4. transfer rules to get tags from beAdjVerb to new be<v>

Verbs that translate as "get" ADJ

  • (kaz) қызарып жатыр → краснеет
  • (kaz) қызарып кетті → покраснел

Not working correctly in current kaz-rus regression

TODO //* (kaz) онымен. → with him.