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Docs for updating because I never remember how to edit the gt docs:

Install pairs with

sudo dnf install apertium-from-to

after ssh-ing into gtweb, then run

sudo /home/apy/update

. Read /home/apy/README for more info. You also want to:

sudo dnf clean metadata
sudo dnf upgrade -y

since nightly updates don't always happen.

What versions are running? is running the packages from Tino's nightly repo, so they should be at most 24 hours out-of-date, given the build wasn't broken (if the version in SVN doesn't compile when Tino's machine tries updating, the package isn't updated). There are some more details at ~apy/README on gtweb. and should also now be running the nightly repo, but see the file /opt/mt/README on gtweb for how to make sure.