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|| [[apertium-oss]] ([[incubator]])
|| [[apertium-oss]] ([[incubator]])
|| ronl, [[User:Francis Tyers|Fran]]

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The Iranian languages include Farsi, Dari, Tajik (three varieties of Modern Persian), Pashto, Balochi, Kurdish, Ossetian, Tat, and several dozen other languages.


name Language ISO 639 formalism state stems coverage location primary authors
-2 -3
apertium-pes Iranian Persian (Farsi) pes lttoolbox development apertium-pes (incubator)
Tajik tg tgk lttoolbox development
apertium-glk Gilaki glk lttoolbox development apertium-glk (incubator)
apertium-oss Gilaki os oss lttoolbox development apertium-oss (incubator) ronl, Fran

Language Codes

Note that fas(/per) and fa are macrocodes for Persian, which includes Farsi (Iranian Persian - pes), Dari (Afghan Persian - prs), and Tajik (tgk).